individual Coaching Call with Jason Redman

Are you stuck in life
and ready to get off the X?

An on-demand, personal coaching call to talk 1:1 with Jason. Instant access to support without a long-term commitment. – $500

Now Accepting Private, 1:1 Coaching Clients

Don’t have time for courses or drawn-out structured coaching programs?

Have a single personal, physical or professional problem that you think I can help you solve in one or two sessions?

Or perhaps you bought one of my books, saw me on the History Channel or heard me on the Jocko Podcast and just want to sit down virtually and share a tasty beverage and a good story.

I’m available for that.

Be aware – Space is limited. I am taking on a max number of private, hourly 1:1 coaching clients each month.

I’m here to help you.

I pull from my 21 years of experience as a combat-proven Navy SEAL operator and instructor, enlisted and officer, business and community leader, bestselling author, leadership expert, and resiliency expert. I have 10 years’ experience growing a non-profit to a $3-million company and running two successful, million-dollar for-profit businesses. I have experience in marketing, branding, public relations, website creation, online retail sales, book publishing, hiring, human resource issues, managing contractors and closing deals.

But none of it has come easy.

I have overcome leadership obstacles and even major failures. I have led in life-and-death situations.

I have been sick, grievously injured and overcome impossible physical challenges. I have battled post traumatic stress, mental and physical health challenges and even anxiety over the years.

I have had relationship and parenting challenges, but still remain with my wife of 20 years in a strong, healthy marriage with three balanced and successful kids.

I have run three businesses and struggled with cash flow, stressed over a bad hire, and even been kept awake at night wondering how I will make payroll to take care of my team. 

I have been there. I can relate.

I found success by applying my proven techniques to build structure and discipline in my life, lead myself, Get off the X™ and Overcome any adversity in my path. 

And, I can help you do the same.

I believe in practicing what you preach, which is why I continue to follow my own Pointman for Life™ program, lead myself, and continue growing my own speaking and coaching company.

Is This Right for You?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this service is for you!

Let’s Get You Signed Up!

If you’re ready to commit financially and ready to schedule your time with me, click on the link below. Through the link, you can pay and immediately schedule your time with me. Once you schedule, I will send you a quick coaching survey so I can learn who you are and where you are coming from so that we can maximize our hour. I look forward to speaking and working with you. Let’s get you “Off that X” and crushing those goals!


Are you a member of the Overcome Army?

If you have been a member for six months or more, you can book a call for only $250/hour.