Part Three Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Survival and Resources

I can’t sleep.   My heart is racing.   I can’t sit in public without my back to a wall.   Large crowds make me anxious.   I hate lines.   Loud noises can make me jump.   Trash in or on the side of the road makes me tense.   These were my PTSD […]

Part Two Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Ozzie Martinez Story

Ozzie Martinez and Service Dog

Ozzie Martinez, a marine combat veteran, struggled deeply with PTSD after two deployments to Iraq. In Ozzie’s inspirational story, he emphasizes not only the importance of a positive mindset, but how to use that mindset to pick yourself back up, even when you’ve hit rock bottom. His family fled communist Cuba before he was born, […]

Part One Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: My Story

Jason Redman and Service Dog

 There are currently over eight million adults who struggle with PTSD every year nationwide. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, roughly 20 veterans a day commit suicide. Post traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD, is a clinically diagnosed psychiatric disorder that can occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. […]

Retired Navy SEAL, shows resilience, through dogs

By now you’re probably familiar with the concept of having a word of the day associated with our Overcome+Conquer Show, at least I hope you are (if you follow the show, and if you don’t well….. Get on it!). So, a few months back we had an episode where the word was resilience. And while […]


I usually start these out with the word of the day that we use on the show, and we’re going to get to that, but today, I’m just gonna dive right in. On the latest episode of the Overcome+Conquer Show, we had the absolute pleasure of talking to one of the most accomplished military members […]

Moving the Needle

We all deal with specific issues in our private lives. Stress, worry, negativity, they all creep in from time-to-time. Some are the result of traumatic events in our lives, but some, are the result of a chemical imbalance, which can lead to life ambushes we deal with daily. Now add the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing, […]


Relentless. Merriam-Webster says it’s, showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace. It’s a word often used when describing a ferocious animal in the wild. Which is why I chose the Honey Badger for our graphic. Many people think of a lion, or a bear when they think of this word, but […]

Meeting New Challenges Productively

Every single day we wake up, we are met with new challenges. Things we may never have seen before. New life ambushes, or just scenarios that don’t fit into our plans. More traffic than we expected. Someone runs a stop sign, and now we have to deal with at best a fender-bender. Or worse. Like […]


Ever find yourself thinking about how things could have been different? Ever log onto social media, and see friends sharing about how great things are with their new car, new boat, on a trip or something, and you’re left feeling down about yourself, because you can’t afford those things? If so, know this; that’s normal. […]

We Can Rise Above

It’s a constant theme with us, overcoming life’s ambushes. Sometimes though, overcoming isn’t enough. We have to conquer them too. This is why we call the podcast, Overcome+Conquer. I bring this up because a big part of overcoming and conquering the things life throws at us is learning how to not let the darkness become […]