Strength, Balance and Resiliency as Leaders | Part 1: The Virtue of Self-Leadership

The sooner we each face it, the better: Much of life on Earth is beyond your control or mine. Only by embracing that fact can we fully realize the value in developing one of our greatest individual super-powers: self-control. Self-control is the key to effective self-leadership, and excellence in self-leadership is the key to overcoming the adversity, savoring the fruits, and even leading others in life. And it requires strength, balance and discipline …

Leadership and Change Management in Business | Part 6: Take Action

How many times have you asked yourself, “What are you waiting for?” Often, the answer to that involves “perfect timing.” And that may sound rational in theory, but while you hang around waiting for a threat or unpleasantry to blow over, what other destructive forces may be undermining your mission? In the real world, the “perfect time” to take action is always the same …

Leadership and Change Management in Business | Part 4: Assess Your Options and Outcomes

Jason Redman discusses assessing your options in the face of adversity

If you’ve ever endured a life ambush, you understand the common effects: The mental-emotional tidal wave can present very real physical, biochemical and cognitive effects as the mind and body react by default mechanisms to the perpetual stress. If you’re in the midst or on the verge of this, hold on. You may not know any other way, but there is one. This article focuses on the REACT action step “A.”

Physical Defense | Your Right, Your Responsibility

Self Defense, your right and your responsibility graphic

A key component to building an increasingly relentless Overcome mindset — one of getting off the X, of pushing forward, overcoming perceived obstacles and moving the needle toward our short- and long-term goals — is the strength, balance and readiness that we create in what I call the Pentagon of Peak Performance. The Pentagon of Peak Performance pertains […]

Five Tips on How to Not Suffer in Silence

Jason Redman gives advice for how not to suffer in silence

Silence can be sweet. But suffering in silence is fertile ground for chaotic collisions of the mind and heart that crush the ambitions of good people every day. If you’re in crisis, you have more control than you realize. Here are five reasons and tips for not suffering in silence and overcoming adversity with the help of others.

Creating a Mission Statement the Pointman Way | Jason Redman

Speaker Jason Redman talks about defining a personal or business mission

Part I: Creating a Mission Statement the Pointman Way Generally speaking I’m not one for allowing our emotions to drive decisions or relying on uninformed plans. Their random, influenced nature leaves too much to chance and too much potential for unnecessary vulnerability and ultimate defeat. I’m all about research, situational awareness, strength and risk-mitigation balanced […]