We Can Rise Above

It’s a constant theme with us, overcoming life’s ambushes. Sometimes though, overcoming isn’t enough. We have to conquer them too. This is why we call the podcast, Overcome+Conquer. I bring this up because a big part of overcoming and conquering the things life throws at us is learning how to not let the darkness become who we are. We have to learn to love, even through all the bad times that can harden us.

On this week’s show, we sit down with retired Navy SEAL, David Rutherford. Author, speaker, founder of teamfroglogic.com, Rutherford tours the country spreading a message of love. Being a combat-trained SEAL, that wasn’t always easy. Spending days on end staring violence in the face, having to respond with violence, can wear on your ability to love.

But Rutherford has done just that. Through his specially designed plan, he shows that everything that life can throw at you, can be beaten, and you can come out on the other side with more compassion and respect.

That’s the thing, the message, the idea we want to show everyone. That you can overcome anything, and be better. It’s not easy, but with some work, and some faith, we all can become the person we were always meant to be, regardless of what life throws at us.

David has five concepts he says will help us conquer life’s ambushes:

  1. Forging Self-Confidence
  2. Live The Team Life
  3. Embrace Fear
  4. Live With Purpose
  5. Team Culture

Belief in yourself, is probably the #1 thing when overcoming tragedy or hardship. Believing you can do something, anything, can be extremely empowering. A lot of times, David’s 2nd concept helps feed the 1st. Having a team, a support system can build the confidence and belief necessary to conquering life. 

That 3rd concept may be the hardest. Embracing fear. And this is something that David talks about in the podcast:

“We don’t spend any time in our lives actually learning and understanding what our fear really is, where it comes from and how to manage it. Right? Because that’s what really managing the pain of life is about, is about keeping fear in a way to where it doesn’t destroy us, but it actually becomes those driving forces.”

The next concept is finding a purpose. Something not so much to distract us, but to put our focus in. Whatever it is, working with kids, cleaning up a park, helping others, find something to do with purpose. If we’re stagnant, just going about our day without focus, life ambushes can really knock us on our tails. Making getting off the X much much more difficult than it has to be.

David keeps going into the Froglogic concepts, getting into the last one, Team Concept. And he explains that as trying to understand what drives us. His example is why would anyone run into fire? Why would someone jump between you and a bullet? Because they love you, and they would do anything to help keep you alive. For David, that’s Team Concept. Doing things for those we love BECAUSE we love them.

Even after we’ve gone through something that might be the worst to happen to us, we can love. We can be beneficial, we can contribute. That event happened, but we don’t let it define us. 

What we did with the pain, THAT’s what defines us.

Did we grow from it, or did we wither? That’s the question. What will you do today? Will you try to follow the concepts of Froglogic and grow? Or will you let the pain of that event keep you on the X?

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