Motivational Keynote Speaker & Retired Combat-Wounded Navy SEAL Jason Redman

How to Survive Life's Ambushes
and Get Off the X

Launch your team to elite performance through riveting Navy SEAL stories of leadership, resiliency and teamwork. Learn to build a relentless Overcome Mindset, forge unbreakable elite teams, and create lasting change after failure, crisis and through massive adversity by getting off the X.

Jason has encapsulated the profoundly transformational lessons learned from his 21-year tenure and now shares his life-changing leadership messages with corporations, teams, executive leadership, law enforcement, first responders and other organizations and individuals worldwide through inspirational speaking, training, workshops, personal and group coaching, business consulting and more.

His messages of leadership, teamwork, the Overcome Mindset and surviving life ambushes by “getting off the X” resonate with audiences of all types, within the contexts of personal and professional development.

Jason is frequently sought as a motivational leadership keynote speaker for professional sports teams, schools, associations, churches and Fortune 500 companies. He has been mentioned and/or featured in prominent news outlets as well as numerous distinguished leadership blogs, podcasts, books, panels and forums.


New York Times bestselling
The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader

Amazon bestsellers
Overcome: Crush Adversity with the Leadership Techniques of America’s Toughest Warriors

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Your journey to lead yourself and your organization to greater success begins now!

In a rut? Is your company struggling? Get off the X and book Jason Redman —
before your competition does!

“I highly recommend Jason if you are searching for a speaker that can share a life-changing story with multiple lessons that can be applied. His presentation was energetic, inspiring and impactful. By far the highlight of our event.”

Kriston McMichael
Home Depot

In-Person and Virtual Motivational Keynote Topics

Jason has seven key modules that cover all aspects of leadership, overcoming adversity, teamwork and peak performance. His motivational keynotes are perfect for anyone and everyone who strives to achieve personal and professional success, individuals and companies looking to define, redefine or clarify their mission, seek to improve efficiencies via goal setting, and desire to build more resilience.Modular content can be customized to suit your specific audience, goals and objectives, and challenges and threats. Jason personally will hold a pre-event conference with key leadership to help your group maximize his content with targeted messaging.

Get off the X and

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear understanding how to assess a crisis and develop a plan to move from it
  • Tools to quickly and effectively motivate and communicate to their teams to lead them to a point of success and confidence
  • Jason’s REACT method to move through a change or point of adversity
  • Techniques to make stronger leaders and teams
  • Individual leadership balance

Pointman for Life

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • A plan for setting long- and short-term goals with a path to a clearly defined mission
  • Professional, personal and leadership situational awareness and risk-assessment tools
  • The ability to REACT and quickly Get off the X! (X being the point of attack, crisis or sticking point) when necessary and continue moving the needle in life

Six Tenets of Success

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • Techniques to build a relentless, resilient mind – The Overcome Mindset
  • A clear understanding of how to manage stress through proven SEAL techniques
  • Tools to be a more effective, balanced leader increasing productivity in individuals and teams
  • How to have create a positive mindset in negative situations
  • A new perspective on how they view the world around them

“Jason Redman was absolutely amazing.

Jason’s personal experiences and the way he delivers from the heart is incredible. I have listened to and shared the stage with some of the most prolific speakers in the industry on mindset, leadership, personal development and business such as Tony Robbins, Ed Mylett, and Grant Cardone to name a few.

Jason Redman holds his own with all these speakers and truly brings the thunder. The way Jason delivers from the heart is amazing. His message created a massive impact in my team in the areas of efficiency, productivity, mindset and most of all – Getting off the X to move forward from crisis to get the job done!”

Bedros Keuilian – CEO & Founder
Fit Body Boot Camp

Five Principles of Elite Performance

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • A new perspective on how they view the world around them
  • A deep understanding of how to lead teams and how to be an effective member of an elite-performing team
  • The levels of leadership and communication required to be a more effective multi-dimensional leader
  • Guidelines for goal setting and maximizing performance
  • How to enact change to overcome adversity and quickly assess a crisis situation, identify a solution and move to and execute

Will You Be Ready?

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • A mindset of planning for the best but being prepared for the worst
  • How to adapt to overcome adversity and quickly assess a crisis situation, identify a solution and move out of the crisis and execute
  • Defining and maintaining balance as a leader in five key areas of life through the Pentagon of Peak Performance
  • How to create more balance in everyday life through proven productivity tools

The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL

Topics include:

The audience will leave with:

  • Inspiration and motivation from one of America’s great heroes
  • Jason’s leadership failure and plight for redemption
  • An appreciation and understanding that in any adversity we encounter in life, we have a choice
  • A snapshot of the life of a Navy SEAL told through riveting real-world stories of failures and successes, overcoming adversity and getting off the X
  • A love story

“Over the years, I have worked with more than 100 professional speakers and very rarely do you encounter someone as personable, engaging and genuinely easy to work with as LT Redman and his team. It is no surprise that the entire audience gave him a standing ovation.

Heather Davis – Events Manager
The Nautilus Group
Division of New York Life

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