Jason Redman's Story

Retired Navy SEAL and business leader Jason Redman has defied the odds.

He is a severely wounded warrior, NY Times and Amazon bestselling author, veteran advocate, business leader, and acclaimed leadership and resilience speaker. From a potentially career-ending leadership failure, Jason fought back to redemption and respect only to find himself shot eight times including a round to the face in a fierce firefight in Iraq.

Jason is the epitome of the Overcome Mindset.

Jason now motivates and inspires audiences across the country with his remarkable journey of leadership, redemption, and building a relentless Overcome Mindset. Jason has merged all his lessons learned into relatable content teaching others how to lead themselves, get off the X and Overcome all.

Jason spent 11 years as an enlisted Navy SEAL working as a navigator, intelligence specialist, communicator, and SEAL instructor for marksmanship, reconnaissance and survival, completing multiple platoons and deployments to Central and South America. Jason was commissioned as a SEAL officer in 2004 and spent ten years as a SEAL Officer leading SEAL teams in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as an Assault Force Commander, Mobility Force Commander and Sensitive Site Exploitation and Analysis leader.

On September 13, 2007, outside of Fallujah, Iraq, Lieutenant Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire and he and several teammates were severely wounded in the ensuing firefight. The intense firefight led to a dramatic conclusion with Redman’s team leader calling a “Danger Close” fire mission directly on their position. This fire mission executed by an Air Force AC-130 gunship was the closest fire mission executed in the entire Iraq war. While recovering from his devastating injuries at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, Redman authored and hung a bright orange sign on his door, which is now known as the Sign on the Door which became a statement and symbol for wounded warriors and overcomers everywhere.

Young enlisted Jason Redman as SEAL Communicator


After a 21-year career, Redman retired from the Navy in 2013 and founded SOF Spoken, a speaking and coaching company which provides inspirational presentations on leadership, teamwork and overcoming adversity for businesses, first responders, sports teams, and government organizations.

Jason uses his 30-year Navy SEAL and business career to relate how the mindset practiced for decades to lead, build elite teams and deal with the highest levels of adversity can transform your life and business. Jason teaches how his Overcome Mindset helped him rise above a leadership failure, vicious enemy ambush, life-changing injuries and even a debilitating business crisis. Jason’s incredible story, positive message and vibrant energy make him a highly-demanded speaker, both nationally and internationally.

Today, Jason is relentlessly focused on helping individuals, companies and teams to GET OFF THE X™ from failure, setbacks, changes and adversity.

He provides, speaking, workshops, online programs, group and executive coaching to businesses around the world. Additionally, Jason runs the Overcome Academy, individual and group coaching through his Pointman for Life individual coaching, Lead, Produce, Protect Mastermind and Overcome Army™ group coaching programs along with his Overcome & Survive Defense workshops, and Overcome Mindset and 72 Hours to Peak Performance virtual courses, with a focus on being ready for the worst, personally, physically and professionally.

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Overcome Army is an affordable monthly subscription-based group coaching program for those looking for the motivation to take it to the next level in all aspects of their lives and surround themselves with fellow positive-minded Overcomers helping to hold each other accountable.

Jason is the New York Times bestselling author of The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader, Amazon bestseller Overcome and the Pointman Planner. Jason is a TedX speaker featuring his powerful presentation on how to overcome hard times. Jason has appeared on multiple national news networks including Fox News, CBS, CNN, One America and CBN. He has appeared almost a dozen times on Fox and Friends along with the Huckabee show. Jason has also been featured on top podcasts including the Jocko Podcast, Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness and Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory. Jason has been featured in multiple documentaries including History Channel’s Navy SEALs, America’s Secret Warriors. Additionally, Jason is a part-time actor playing the lead role in The Perfect Day film and a supporting character on an episode of Hawaii 5-0.