Successful People Adopt a Sense of Urgency to build Self Confidence, Motivation and Esteem

A sense of urgency is what propels an idea into an achievement. It is what inspires people to be
productive and to create. It is what motivates highly successful people who are focused on being their best selves, having the drive needed to believe in themselves and see their goals all the way through. Time is our most valuable commodity. Knowing this, we should do everything in our power to not waste it by adopting a sense of urgency.

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Jason Redman's Pentagon of Peak Performance Emotional Leadership

Strength, Balance and Resiliency as Leaders | Part Four: Emotional Leadership

Rollercoasters: I love them. Stepping off the new Jurassic World VelociCoaster recently, I felt strong, invigorated, as if I’d “conquered” something bigger than me, and eager to go again. Boarding an emotional roller coaster is an entirely different thing. We’re not necessarily wired, willing or braced for psychological whiplash. Stepping away from an emotional rollercoaster, we typically feel confused, undermined, destabilized, beaten up, and eager to mentally and/or physically quit. Great leaders are strong in Emotional Leadership. People follow them because they want to, not because they feel trapped. What kind of ride are you engineering?

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Mental and Intellectual Leadership within Jason Redman's Pentagon of Peak Performance

Strength, Balance and Resiliency as Leaders | Part Three: Mental Leadership

When I talk about balance in life, I’m referring to an ongoing investment in strength and readiness across a broad enough base to keep me stable, grounded and positive through all the ups and downs of life. I build this stability by a reasonably equal distribution of focus and attention within all areas of what I refer to as the Pentagon of Peak Performance, one of which is Mental Leadership. The demands of leadership can be relentless. Great leaders are highly effective in part because they constantly flex their mental muscles in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and intellectual growth.

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Strength, Balance and Resiliency as Leaders | Part Two: Physical Leadership

Of all that transpired to save my life during and after that enemy ambush in 2007, only two had been within my control. One of them, according to the medical teams who put me back together, was my rock-solid physical fitness, which had prepared my body for its best chance at survival and healing through the extreme compound trauma. If Physical Leadership hasn’t already been a consistent focus for you, I recommend you make it your primary goal starting today. Start here …

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Jason Redman with American flag background, "Honor the Promise"

What Does It Mean to Be an American?

When asked about my involvement in Task Force Pineapple, a citizen-liaison network which successfully evacuated more than 800 Americans and Afghan allies during a one-week period between the fall of the Afghan government and military and the “official” exit of U.S. troops, I tell them this …

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