Jason Redman - A Defensive Mindset: Defense Starts with a Mindset of Protection

Monday Muster: Developing a Mindset of Defense & Protection

Jason Redman’s Monday Muster to start your week off right & crush those goals!

This week we talk about the 5th and final level in the Rule of Ps.

“What is the Rule of Ps,” you say?

For years I have been teaching my lessons learned through daily productivity, self-leadership, and balance with the Rule of 3Ps.

Every day you do one thing Physical, one Personal and one thing Professional to always be moving the needle in your life.

But recently, I realized there were two additional Ps that I have been implementing since I left the military that I had not been sharing with others.

So yes, there are two more Ps in the Rule of Ps.

Profit and Protection.

Profit is about being intentional with your money and making sure it is working for you.

And the last P is a mindset of Protection, or a defensive mindset

Protection is about a mindset of offense and defense. And it’s not just about self-defense. You have to consider what systems and training you should incorporate into your own life to protect yourself, your family, your assets and your money.

We are living in a dangerous world.

It’s a world where accountability for the law is faltering, violence is escalating, and people are lightning quick to sue you for anything.

All of these things have created a mindset of Protection in my life.

A mindset of ME taking steps to protect MY family.

My business.

My home.

It is not a mindset of thinking that someone else will come save me.

This is not to discount the amazing medical and law enforcement professionals who work tirelessly to try to save people every day.

But…they can’t be everywhere at once.

And frequently, many people die due to violence or an accident at their home or business because they were unprepared and untrained.

I encourage everyone to learn how to defend their home and family.

I encourage everyone to learn how to treat a traumatic injury.

I encourage everyone to have a basic understanding of survival.

If you are interested in these things and defensive mindset training, you should sign up for our Overcome & Survive Workshop.

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