Last week on the Overcome and Conquer podcast, Mitch Aguiar, a 10 year Navy SEAL veteran, speaker, painter, and professional mixed martial arts fighter, was our podcast guest.

When Mitch was asked for a word that defines himself, he chose the word “effort.” He also adds to the discussion of this word to say that mindset is everything. He chose this word because he truly doesn’t see himself as anyone special.

In life and fighting, there are levels to everything. This is where you need to be honest with yourself and see these layers and be okay with the fact that you may not be at the same level as someone else in your field. At the same time, that should push you to be a better form of yourself. 

If you are not where you want to be in life, it is because you have not put the effort in to get there. For Mitch, if he comes across a field that he wants to be better at, he observes the people that are already excelling in this area, and that gives him the inspiration to put the effort in to see how far he can get.

The people that get inspired to try harder are the ones who are going to inspire the next generation. It’s not going to be the people with a negative mindset because it is that mindset that holds them back. Instead of looking at the inspirational people, they will use that negative attitude that holds them back to try to hold you back. They will try to justify why it was easier for you to accomplish something than for them to, but it is a total copout. Don’t let them bring you down to where they are. Put the effort in and get yourself there!

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“A lion doesn’t need to tell you he’s a lion.” – Mitch Aguiar

“No one is special. We are all made the same, and that’s what I have realized. On paper, I have accomplished some things. I’ve become a Navy SEAL. I’ve become a professional fighter. I’ve become a successful entrepreneur. These are all things that hundreds of people have done, thousands of people have done. No one was made of something different than I was. I realized that there’s a path that you need to walk to get where you want to be in life.” – Mitch Aguiar

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