Brain Health

All of us have experienced trauma in some way. Those of us that have had head injuries or trauma to the brain, experience an even deeper blow to our bodies and minds. When you aren’t thinking straight we become dependent on those around us to help fight for us. But are we even aware of those that are in need?

On this week’s episode of Overcome & Conquer Show, Ray”Cash” Care and I are discussing the seriousness of PTSD, Concussions, Brain Injuries and more. We talk about real life experiences. We discuss friends and brothers that have walked through those dark days of having some sort of brain trauma. We have firsthand experience of how these types of injuries can rob you of your life and steal the very thing we need most when in a fight for our lives…our mind!

When you listen to this episode you’ll hear about some incredible places that you can go to find help and support as family members, loved ones and even friends of those that may be suffering. We can’t turn away from those that need us most. We are all connected. We must all fight side by side. Whether on the battlefield or in life. We must know the signs and we must know where to turn when someone needs help.

This episode hits hard on the subject of our responsibility to one another as well as, ways we can help prevent the devastating effects of head injuries from impacting even more lives. I hope you’ll take the time to download it now!!

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