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Build Resilience – Overcome with a Fighting Mindset

Build Resilience & Overcome with a Fighting Mindset

We are building a world of quitters. The resilience needed to help us reach our full potential is lacking. Individuals have become so discouraged that they just give up when it’s time to work through situations that are difficult or uncomfortable. We’re failing at accomplishing our goals by taking the easy way out. Although walking away and pretending a challenge does not exist has become a societal norm, we can’t just lay down and take it when things aren’t going our way. We have to be ready to fight for everything that’s ours to have—relationships, promotions, fitness, convictions, hopes, dreams and more. We must fight to overcome!

Adversity is inevitable. When you have a mindset to fight and overcome, you’re making a choice to face it head on and win. With every choice you make to fight, you’re building emotional resilience and physical fortitude. You’re creating the resilience you need to go after your next goal.

Creating Resilience – How to Build a Mindset to Fight & Overcome

Building a fighting mindset and overcoming adversities requires preparedness. To mentally prepare to fight, take a moment to think about what you would do in a situation if you needed to defend yourself. To physically and emotionally prepare, make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, and take a defense course in any martial arts discipline that you prefer. Staying prepared for a fight mentally, physically, and emotionally puts you in the best position to resiliently overcome and win.

Fight for Yourself, Don’t be Confrontational

Now there is a difference between fighting for what you believe in and just causing conflict. Some people live to physically fight and they put great effort into seeking out opportunities to instigate them.  You do need to be ready to fight if the need arises, especially if you are pushed and you need to defend yourself. However, avoid being a confrontational jerk. Doing your best to control and dictate when and where you will fight is another exercise in building your overcome mindset. Resilient people have conviction in who they are and which fights are there’s  to win.

Prep the Battlefield

You will not always have the opportunity to prepare for a fight, but when you can, choose your battles wisely. In Seal Team we would “prep the battlefield” by making it part of our mission to create opportunities to choose and dictate the location of our fights, and we would fight at night. It was a strategic move that worked so well because our technology and training prepared us to own the night. You can prep the battlefield of your personal thoughts and actions and train your mind and body to own your nights, and your days.

To Go After Your Goals You Have to Fight

The bottom line is, in order to go after your goals you have to fight, but anything worth fighting for is not going to be easy. Be more realist and not more idealist. It will be tough to go after your hopes and dreams and to deal with adversity and conflict.

Do not give up. Do not settle. Do not quit! Do not allow adversity to bully you into submission.

Build your resiliency by dealing with discomfort and pushing through. Get out of your comfort zone, through workouts and training, and by changing your way of thinking. Build an overcome mindset of readiness for the uncertainty out there in the future. Keep on fighting – for your family, for financial stability, for your fitness and wellbeing. Stop being a victim and FIGHT to be a victor! 


The Overcome Army is all about the fight. We want to see you reach your full potential. Through positive reinforcement, relentless optimism and forward momentum, our coaches will push you, encourage you to accomplish your goals, and remind you to hold yourself accountable. We fight to win on the battlefield of life!

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