Jason Redman keynote speaker talks about leadership and how to deal with bad days

Had a Bad Day? Really?

Tell me about it.

What’s a “bad day,” really? What does that look like?

Did you wake up late? Maybe with stiff joints or otherwise achy; maybe spilled your coffee in a rush out the door? Car trouble on your way to work? Maybe you heard some bad or potentially bad news?

What does any of that really mean for you, right now?

What does it mean for your mindset and for how you conduct the remainder of your day or evening?

What will it mean for others with whom you plan to interact today?

What will it mean for those you love?

What will it mean for those you lead?

Bad days. We all have them. But how “bad,” really, is it actually going for you today? And how “bad” are you willing to let it continue to be?

The way I see it, something’s got to pin me down and keep me there for me to surrender to “bad.” I figure that if nobody’s shooting at me, and nobody’s dying, it’s a good day. Really.

Surrender nothing except your sense of powerlessness

I wasn’t built to surrender, and especially not to the whims of external forces.

And neither were you.

I wasn’t built to surrender those things that are within my control despite what else is happening around me.

And neither were you.

And what’s within our control are actually the most powerful and effective tools for shaping, forging and conducting every fleeting minute, every precious hour, of every life-shaping day. Those tools include how we choose to think about our circumstances, how we choose to react or respond to our circumstances, and how we choose and execute our next move.

Take 26 minutes sometime today — maybe before all the demands start, maybe en route to work, maybe during lunch or a walk or this evening, but do it today: Watch or listen to my 2016 speech to members of the AALU here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qkSShUmnHE&feature=emb_logo

You can also find it in the “Video” tab at my Eagle Rise Speakers Network page: https://eaglerisespeakers.com/2018/11/09/jason-jay-redman/

Get real. Really real.

After you’ve heard the speech, ask yourself these five questions:  

How “bad,” really, is it going for you today?

What’s your top-of-mind long-term mission, regardless of what else is going on in any given moment?

What type of leader do you want to be for yourself and for others in alignment with your mission?

Will people follow you today because they have to, or because they want to?

And what one thing can you do today and every day this week to move the needle in your life in a way that supports these goals? For example: Get to bed an hour earlier at night to awake earlier or more rested in the morning? Refrain from consuming junk food or alcohol? Promise yourself a refreshing, energizing 30-minute walk or run, and deliver on it? Start or resume a rewarding leisure activity, maybe with people you like, love or want to get to know better? Focus for 30 minutes to ponder and plan an organized week ahead? Study something you want or need to learn? Send a brief message to a loved one or coworker expressing your appreciation for them?

Choose only one thing that will help you move the needle, that will actually have a positive, ripple-effects impact, and do it every day.  

And one more thing

Listen to the speech. Share it with those you love. And if it doesn’t help snap you back into your power to steer, love and succeed in your life, please accept my apology for the 26 minutes spent. But I’m confident that it’ll become one of your favorites when you or someone you know needs it. So for that purpose, I recommend you add it to your YouTube playlist — maybe create a new one titled “My Day, My Life, My Choices” or something like that — then start loading that playlist up with grab-and-go fuel for the mind. And while you’re there, click “Subscribe,” check out inspiring interviews, take advantage of my podcast, etc.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t also invite you to contact me if you or your organization seek a keynote speaker or trainer for upcoming in-person, virtual or hybrid conferences, seminars or events: https://eaglerisespeakers.com/2018/11/09/jason-jay-redman/  It would be my pleasure to meet with you to discuss how I can serve you.

Until then, “Lead always and overcome all,”


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