Leadership and Change Management in Business | Part 6: Take Action

How many times have you asked yourself or someone else in the midst of a get-off-X scenario, “What are you waiting for?”

Often, the rationale will have something to do with “perfect” timing. And theoretically, that may be easy to envision.

In a military firefight, in theory, the “perfect opportunity” might look like a long enough lull in the action to let us regroup and move about with relative safety. But in the face of a well-trained real-world adversary sustaining firepower from alternating vantage points, that lull never actually occurs.

In business, a white-board-illustrated “perfect moment” might wait just on the other side of a predicted sales boom, a major deal sealed or some financial windfall. But if the cubicle walls had flies and the water cooler could talk …

And in a personal relationship, the “perfect time” to discuss the underlying issues of that old, exhausting recurring argument might be once your partner’s mood has improved, the tension has subsided, your adrenaline spike has waned and you’ve spent sufficient time apart. You know, just like it eventually settled down after the last surprisingly similar outburst … and the one before that … and the one before that …  

What are the real risks in holding out for “riskless” before making a move off the X? While you hang around waiting, expecting the imminent threat or unpleasantry to blow over and pave a period of calm and certainty, what other destructive forces are churning around you, undermining your progress and desired outcome as they relate to your larger mission?

The reality is this: The “perfect” time to get off the X is always the same: Now.

Because the longer you sit on X waiting for a more perfect time, the more you invite the threat to surround and close in on you.

That’s called self-sabotage. And we can become so masterful at it that we don’t even see ourselves coming. The good news is that those who spot the enemy first control the ass-kicking.

Ass-Kicking 101: Kick Your Own Before Something Else Does

The base for nearly everything I teach is self-leadership. That’s the point of pivotal control. And if you’re on the X, you must act immediately to kick yourself into gear and off the target.

If you’re new to my REACT Methodology, get up to speed with its action steps via the following articles:

“R” (Recognize your reality)

“E” (Evaluate your assets)

“A” (Assess your options and possible outcomes)

“C” (Choose a direction and communicate it)

Here we arrive at “T,” the one that puts all the others into motion …

Take Action!

Once you’ve chosen your new direction for movement off the X and committed to and communicated your plan, it is critical to take immediate action. Many people outline worthy, well-developed plans but never reap the rewards of all the effort and potential because they never actually execute them.

Maybe they’re waiting for that elusive “perfect moment” to take some monumental step that’ll turn everything around.

Or maybe it’s something else: They’re afraid they’ll be setting themselves up for one more perceived “failure” and the wake of shame they’ve experienced before; or maybe they’re more concerned about what others may think of their turnaround than they are about doing what actually needs to be done.

Take it from me: There is no perfect moment; there is no easy way out. It’s likely to be one grueling step after another on the road forward. You may encounter resistance. You may face consequences of your past actions. But prepare to call on your Overcome Mindset to face any challenges presented by your new mission. Remember: It’s harder to hit a moving target, and with every step forward, you create momentum. Change for the better requires commitment, action and discipline — from start to finish.

By now you’ve recognized your reality, evaluated your assets, assessed your options and their possible outcomes, and chosen a direction and communicated it. You’re ready to move off the X.

Movement is life. Take action. Outline your plan and execute it:

Action Step 1 – ____________________________________________________________________________________

Action Step 2 – ____________________________________________________________________________________

Action Step 3 – ____________________________________________________________________________________

Action Step 4 – ____________________________________________________________________________________

Once you believe you are off the X, it’s a good idea to reassess, essentially review your REACT process and results, to determine whether or not your initial attempt has moved you in the positive direction you desired. If you’ve stopped the downward spiral and you’re moving forward in a good way, great; keep going, keep building, keep communicating, and keep strengthening your position!

If you’re not in a better position, that’s OK. Don’t dwell on the results of your first attempt. Many people give up after “failed” initial attempts at lasting change, not realizing that sometimes it takes multiple attempts. Consider what you’ve gained with your first attempt: new perspectives and understanding, more courage and practice at applying the REACT principles. Based on that, you actually are in a better position. You’re now ready to repeat the process. It’ll take courage, strength and faith. You may have to undo a few things from your prior attempt. That’s OK. The important thing is that you stick with it and don’t quit.

For extra support, download my free REACT handout here or consider one of my online courses designed especially for strength in getting off X and moving forward in life:

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Incorporate REACT Methodology into your everyday mindset. Practice it on minor sticking points in life so you’ll have your “Get off the X” mindset sharp and ready when adversity presents. And check back in for my next article on balance vs. burnout. Until then, …

“Lead Always and Overcome All,”

Jason Redman

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