Monday Muster: From Crisis to Opportunity

Jason Redman’s Monday Muster to start your week off right & crush those goals!

This week we talk about how to view crisis as opportunity.

What are you talking about Jason!?!

Crisis is not an opportunity! Crisis is where we lose our minds! Crisis is where we scream and shout! Crisis is where we focus on the negativity and pain! Crisis is where we cry and grieve!

Unfortunately…crises can definitely bring those feelings and actions.


An Overcome Mindset sees the world differently.

An Overcome Mindset gives you the tools to act differently.

How can a crisis be an opportunity?

At an event recently, someone told me that the Chinese symbol for crisis is the same as opportunity. I did my research and found out this is not true.

But…what is true, is that if you can turn crisis into opportunity, it can make the path off the ❌ faster.

It can make hardship and adversity easier. This is a change in perspective. And, perspective can make all the difference in this world.

So much so, that when a crisis comes, instead of focusing too much on the negativity, we can start to say, “This change, adversity, crisis, catastrophic event – whatever it is – SUCKS…

But through it, there will be growth.

Through it, there will be change.

Through it, I will get better.

Through it, I will get stronger.

Through it, there will be a new opportunity.

It may be the end of one phase of my life; But it is a new beginning for the next phase.



Want to learn more? Check out the video as I talk about how to change your perspective and view crisis as an opportunity.


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