Monday Muster: How to Stop Negative Self Talk

Jason Redman’s Monday Muster to start your week off right & crush those goals!

This week we talk about the law of exposure and breaking the habit of negative thinking and self-talk.

I’m stupid.

I’m fat.

I’m an idiot.

I’ll never be good.

I’m worthless.

I’m pathetic

What a moron.

I’ll never be successful.

So many of us live our lives in this environment. Mired in a world of negativity and pessimism. Allowing ourselves externally to be beat down and belittled by others. And allowing ourselves internally to reinforce that negativity within our own minds.

So many humans do this.

All races.

All colors.

All genders.

And then we double down on that negativity by consuming a constant stream of sensational and negative news and social media.

No wonder America has a mental health crisis. Look what we feed our minds. And what we allow in causes the negative self talk that we will eventually believe and push back out.

This is called the Law of Exposure.

There are three rules to the law of exposure:

  • Rule #1 – Whatever enters our minds repeatedly shapes our perception and reality.
  • Rule #2 – Our mind will absorb and THEN it will REFLECT whatever it gets repeatedly exposed to.
  • Rule #3 – Whatever we entertain is shaping our mind, our character, and eventually our FUTURE.


What do you let in?

What do you tolerate?

What do you watch and read?

With whom do you surround yourself?

The Law of Exposure says you will eventually project exactly what you consume. This is why humans who grow up in a negative, hateful environment have such a hard time breaking out of that negative thought pattern.


It takes time and deliberate action.

Here are three steps to stop negative self-talk and negative thinking:

  1. Stop watching the news and block and delete anyone in your social media who does not give you positive support.
  2. Distance yourself from friends and even family who talk down to you, are focused on negativity and not moving forward.
  3. Change how you talk to yourself. When you think negative thoughts about yourself; I’m stupid. I’m weak. I’ll never be good. – instantly change it to; I’m learning. I’m growing. I will be great at this someday if I keep working on it.

Watch the Law of Exposure people! Choose positivity over negativity.

Be the light in the darkness and your mindset and success will grow.

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