Everyone wants to be on top of the mountain… The problem we see in our society today is that people want to get dropped off at the top of the mountain and look down. They want to alleviate the climb to the top and discard the struggle and commitment that it takes to get there. 

However, any successful mountain climber will tell you, it is the journey to the top that matters the most. The challenge, the decisions, the hurdles, the intensity, the commitment.  These all contribute to making   the view from the top one filled with an exhilarating sense of accomplishment and freedom.

On the most recent episode of the JR overcome show, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with Erik Salzenstein and have him share his story of accomplishment, fulfillment and freedom with us. 

Erik Salzenstein’s story is one that truly shows the power of change and what’s possible. From greed and addiction to purpose and fulfillment. Erik finds himself facing life in prison, and with his back against the wall he finally has to face his worst enemy…..himself.

He had to go to prison to find freedom and he spent 4 years relentlessly pursuing personal growth, coaching, speaking, running workshops and even being published in a newspaper all while in prison. 

Erik is a powerful speaker and transformational coach who shares his signature talk “From Prison to Prosperity” helping others break free from the constructs of their own prison.  

We talked about how we can become unchained. How do we remove the chains?  How do we let go?  How do we leave or break free from anything that is keeping us in one place? How do we get unstuck? How do we experience true freedom?

There are so many people who are shackled by chains. Chains that build words are my thoughts. These chains do not have to be chains that are keeping you physically behind bars. These chains may be invisible restraints keeping you from your best life or keep you from fulfilling your purpose. 

If you are looking to break free from the destructive patterns in your life, then you must be ready to say I will do whatever I need to do to change my life. I’m ready!!  I’m ready to Break free and achieve all I have dreamed about!  We can be chained down by our addictions and destructive habits. We can be restricted by our fears and insecurities. Don’t stay trapped. We can be trapped by our limiting beliefs and negative mindset.   So how do we break free?

Erik found himself in prison after making one wrong choice after another.  Even the change of the environment doesn’t change who you are, he had to become intentional and then ask for help.  Finally, he found a mentor that could help keep him focused on his purpose and his goals.

Become Unchained By

  • Becoming Intentional
  • Asking for Help
  • Finding A Mentor

For more about Erik’s story and how you can create an overcoming life and become UNCHAINED, check out our latest podcast!

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