Monday Muster: You’re the Problem and the Solution

Jason Redman’s Monday Muster to start your week off right & crush those goals!

This week we talk about problems and the reality of it all. Ever wondered, “Why do bad things keep happening to me?” YOU are the problem. But, here’s the good news. YOU are also the solution.

We are living in a world of victims.

Social media, the news and even political leaders want you to believe you are a victim.

Race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender persuasion, where you were born, relationship status, career status your socioeconomic status – any and all of these can place you on the ❌ and allow you to be a victim, constantly wondering why is this happening to me

But, here is the truth. You may believe you are a victim and any or all of those can play into issues, problems, challenges or life ambushes, but the vast majority of the time (95% of the time) YOU are the problem.

I recently talked about expanding the Rule of 3Ps into 5Ps – adding Profit and Protection to Physical, Personal and Professional.

Many in my group immediately thought, I can’t! That is a victim mindset. That is sitting on the ❌.

If you are off in any or all of those areas, thinking one does not apply to you will not fix it. I guarantee all five areas apply, because they apply to everyone!

The issues in any of those areas of your life are caused by YOU. YOU may not be doing enough, or perhaps too much. And in those 5% of situations where things truly are beyond your control, YOU still have control because when bad things happen YOU can choose to get yourself out of a negative, toxic situation, career, or relationship.

See, YOU are the problem, but YOU are also the solution.

So, stop being a victim.

Get Off the ❌ and be a VICTOR.

The greatest gift in life you have is choice.

YOU have a choice.

Choose to get off the ❌.

Choose to be great.

Choose to be more productive.

Choose to Overcome.

Choose to take action!

Choose to be a VICTOR and not a victim.

Check out the Monday Muster video to learn more about how you can be the solution.

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