Retired Navy SEAL’s Critical Mission for 2021: Motivate, Train and Lead Others to Conquer Adversity With the Proven Special-Operations “Overcome” and “Pointman” Mindsets


December 17, 2020


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CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Retired U.S. Navy Lieutenant Jason Redman wants people “off the X.” His biggest challenge? They don’t know it exists; they don’t know it’s dangerous; and they don’t know they’re on it.

No matter. Redman, of Chesapeake, was wired for challenge, trained to lead and positioned to motivate.

During his 21-year Navy career (1992 – 2013), Redman spent 11 years as an enlisted SEAL and nearly 10 years as a SEAL officer and was awarded numerous prestigious medals and honors, including the Bronze Star Medal with Valor and the Purple Heart. In September 2007 he was severely wounded and nearly died by enemy ambush and firefight in Iraq. While recovering in Bethesda Naval Hospital, Redman gained national recognition for his legendary vibrant-orange “Sign on the Door” message, in which he authoritatively rejected condescending attitudes and negativity and vowed to come back stronger despite the profound adversity, the daunting odds and an array of grim prognoses surrounding what would total nearly 40 surgeries. (The Sign on the Door is now a permanent fixture for the inspirational sake of other wounded veterans and their care takers.)

In true warrior fashion, Redman fulfilled that vow. And while he’ll carry some effects and scars with him for the rest of his life, it won’t be in vain or without a new mission. As a best-selling author and founder/co-founder of Eagle Rise Speakers Network, the Overcome Army, Pointman for Life and other initiatives, he develops tactically inspired leadership programs and speaks, coaches and trains nationwide, imparting motivational and leadership wisdom to help others in pursuit of mission, resiliency, peak-performance and success.

In his latest book, “Overcome: Crush Adversity With the Leadership Techniques of America’s Toughest Warriors” (an Amazon best-seller published December 2019 and released this month in paperback), Redman shares the critical strategies and proactive techniques of Navy SEAL teams to help individuals and organizations overcome the adversity brought on by what he calls “life ambushes,” the life-shaping challenges faced by everyday people in their personal and professional lives that could propel them either way: into a downward spiral of despair and destruction, or in relentless march to victory.

“Rarely in life do life ambushes strike with no warning,” Redman said. “Most are preceded by signs or clues that we are entering a danger zone.” Exceptions exist, he conceded, including tragic accidents, criminal victimization and life-changing health events, “but even in those cases we may have ignored known threats,” he explained. “In all cases, we have one proven weapon, forged from the ever-evolving amalgam of hindsight, foresight and the intrepid, ongoing search for insight and intel: Choice. How we choose to preemptively behave daily to avoid ambushes; how mindfully and effectively we choose to respond to those over which we had no real control; and how we choose to frame, process and thrive with what we have — the choices we make are critical, and they make all the difference.

“And choice is a weapon we all have,” Redman continued. “It’s inborn, invaluable and all-powerful and can be wielded as either one of destruction or one of construction. So it’s best used wisely, strategically, because mindless misuse will at best be a waste and at worst can wreak havoc. Despite the fact that we’re all born in possession of this powerful weapon,” he noted, “proper use requires instruction, guidance and practice.”

Overcome book by retired Navy SEAL Jason Redman

New tools to help overcome adversity

New for 2021, Redman’s Pointman for Life personal- and professional-development coaching/training program and forthcoming Pointman for Life Planner, a practical, tactical and motivational daily/weekly/quarterly planner-tracker, both expand on the following four primary “Overcome” principals to help people “move the needle” in their own lives.

  1. Relentless belief in a clearly defined mission – “Define your mission, define your life.”
  2. Specific destination and a set course – This includes establishing and staying on track with long- and short-term goals.
  3. Research, understand and maintain situational awareness of the risks – “These are the skills of the point man — the leader, the navigator, the danger seeker,” Redman said. “In my military career, I’ve been point man and have also relied on point men to navigate our routes, identify the most efficient ways to reach our objectives, and to recognize and avoid potential ambushes and danger points along the way. Today I can’t issue others their own point men, but I can give them the proven tactical tools and information for leading themselves to their objectives, to becoming their own point men for life and their chosen missions.”
  4. Ability to REACT and rapidly “get off the X” – The X is the point of any attack, ambush, adversity or catastrophic event. While it may be in reality a one-time event, the effects can be long-lasting, far-reaching and recurring, especially if a person mentally, emotionally and/or physically remains there, Redman said. “If you build an ‘Overcome Mindset’ and plan ahead for the possibility of bad things happening, you will be able to ‘get off the X’ quickly and get back on track with your mission and goals.”

Specific areas of Overcome Mindset and Pointman application include the physical, emotional, spiritual, social and mental realms, which Redman refers to collectively as the Pentagon of Peak Performance and which he believes are the foundational pillars for healthy development and balance in all areas of life.

Redman said he initially developed the Pointman for Life program strategies for himself.

“After exiting the SEALs, I assumed an ongoing pursuit of the tools and instruments that might help me be more organized, more productive and more on mission in my own life — especially in the wake and unfolding effects of my personal battlefield-turned-life ambush,” he explained. “I realized my critical advantage: If I could apply my military point man training to my life as a civilian, I’d be unstoppable. I’d be effective to the extreme at mapping, leading and navigating my own life. I knew that if I could clearly define my mission and then set the course, discover and advance along the most efficient path, and avoid danger on the way, I could make serious inroads; I could crush it; I could overcome and conquer anything on which I’d fixed my sight.”

Overcome: Crush Adversity with the Leadership Techniques of America’s Toughest Warriors, which hit #1 in Amazon’s Business Teams category, is based on extensive research and interviews with America’s elite warriors, including retired four-star Admiral William McRaven, retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink, retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal and others.

Pointman for Life program and planner are set to launch in 2021. Redman is available to discuss the aforementioned talking points and more, including how to apply the Overcome Mindset to personal and professional life and leadership.


Jason Redman is a retired Navy lieutenant, best-selling author and sought-after personal/professional-development speaker and trainer. During his 21-year Navy career (1992 – 2013), Redman spent 11 years as an enlisted SEAL and nearly 10 years as a SEAL officer and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, the Purple Heart, the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal, the Joint Service Achievement Medal, five Navy Achievement Medals, and two Combat Action Ribbons. After surviving critical wounding and near death by enemy ambush in Iraq in 2007, as well as nearly 40 subsequent surgeries, he returned to duty as a Navy officer before retiring in 2013. Since then, Redman is the author of multiple books, including the New York Times bestselling memoir “The Trident” and “Overcome: Crush Adversity with the Leadership Techniques of America’s Toughest Warriors” (hit #1 in Amazon’s Business Teams category). As founder/co-founder of Eagle Rise Speakers Network, the Overcome Army and other initiatives, he develops leadership programs and speaks, coaches and trains nationwide, imparting motivational and leadership wisdom to help others overcome and conquer adversity and take control of their own personal and professional lives in pursuit of mission, happiness and ultimate life success. Redman lives with his wife and children in southeastern Virginia. Learn more: and