Crush Your Goals with Personal Accountability & Goal Setting

There is a massive lack of personal accountability in the world today. The constant beatdown from the relentless negativity of social and mainstream media, civil unrest, pandemic living and more tends to filter into our personal lives, allowing anxiety, stress, and depression to run rampant. The resulting outcome is a feeling of low self-worth and esteem, which then creates a lack of consistency and inability to follow through. However, personal accountability is the key to crushing your goals.

Using Goal Setting to Increase Productivity

People often make the mistake of big, drastic life resolutions that are lofty and unattainable. But, you can’t leap when they are only ready for baby steps. The human mind and body struggles to adapt to abrupt, drastic changes and that is why we often find it hard to stick to new crash diets, workout regimens, savings plans, and more. The key to success in achieving your goals is to slowly incorporate goal setting into your life, by making incremental behavior modifications with a combination of structure and progress.


Create structure by saying and planning what you will realistically do to accomplish your goals. Create progress by taking the necessary action to make it happen, focusing on the lifestyle change. Use personal accountability to remain consistent and stick to the process. This will ensure that you make the changes you desire to make, and that these changes are effective and sustainable.

Thankfully, with goal setting, the system that you create will guide you in tackling the work that is required to make small, yet substantial, cumulative lifestyle changes that will result in a healthier and happier you.

There is just one caveat – you must take personal responsibility and HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE because no one else will. YOU are the point person for your own life. No one is coming to save you. You set the plan and you execute that plan. You lead yourself.

So get out there and accomplish your goals, understanding that you must forget resolutions and focus on making a holistic lifestyle change. Small changes make a big difference. Check in with yourself at the end of each week and reflect on what you have accomplished and what you might need to adjust to maintain, and eventually increase your momentum. Keep going and crush those goals!


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